Transportation today forms the bedrock of innovation in a dynamic world. With commute time standing at a global average of 80 minutes a day, excluding time spent in traffic, the total time spent travelling in a year amounts to almost 10 - 15%. This situation presents great potential in terms of time and outreach in an age of dwindling attention spans and the requirement for containerized advertising opportunities.

TRIOO aims to utilize the time spent in travel in a productive manner. The advertising space today is dominated by large businesses with extensive financial resources to channel towards audience outreach. The platform allows businesses of all sizes an opportunity to reach an as-yet untapped audience while in transit using interactive technology that focuses on B2B proximity alerts. The platform additionally offers small industries such as everyday utility providers an opportunity to expand their clientele at affordable costs.


State of the art technology

Provides seamless service using the best possible technology in the ad distribution and maintenance arenas.

Constant business proximity alerts

Uses geographical location analysis to constantly update the ad interface with proximity-relevant ads.

Optimum ad viewership

Allows ads to achieve their best potential and guarantees increased ad viewership across all transport facilities.

Priority channels for emergency services

Provides government agencies and emergency services with first preference and free service to optimize efficiency and reduce crucial time delays.

Customized ads and placement

Choose from a varied set of packages and tailor them to all your requirements down to the position the ad will occupy on the screen (banner, corner or premium).

In-house designing

Brings your ad idea to life with impeccable creatives generated by a dedicated in-house team.


We, at TRIOO believe in extensive customization of our services according to the needs of our client to enable them to increase their advertising potential.

We emphasise on the importance of need-based advertising while tailoring our services completely according to your business requirements. Our experts analyse and understand your business to give you multiple customizable packages to choose from, providing the best solution for your advertising needs.

TRIOO is the only advertising podium to provide a real-time monitoring solution for your advertisement’s market performance, giving you accurate reports on a daily, weekly or monthly basis.

Feel free to ask our experts for a 30 day free subscription trial.

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